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Ear wax problem in Leeds? Are you looking for an ear wax removal clinic in Leeds? Do you need to have microsuction ear wax removal or ear syringing in Leeds?

Ear Wax Removal At Our Leeds Hearing Clinic

Ear Wax Removal Clinic In Leeds

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Our Leeds Hearing Clinic Uses The Best Ear Wax Removal methods?

The ear wax removal clinic in Leeds is there for people who don’t give ear wax a second thought until there is a problem. Then you need to know where can you find an ear wax removal clinic in Leeds. Most people get desperate and end up using a “cotton bud”. This generally makes the problem worse. Excessive ear wax, if not dealt with properly, can be the source of constant pain, “ringing in the ears” or tinnitus, painful infection as well as causing a hearing loss because of the plug of wax. At the ear wax removal clinic in Leeds, a HCPC registered audiologist will explain everything to you before the process begins. Before any treatment happens, an otoscopic examination will show if it is indeed the ear wax that is causing any of these problems. The excessive ear wax can then be removed quickly and painlessly by microsuction.

What Is Microsuction?

Microsuction is made up of two words: “Micro”, because we use operating loupes, which are glasses with binocular microscopes built in. This allows us to use our depth perception while performing the procedure, and gives us the best view of the ear canal; “Suction”, because we use a suction pump to remove the excessive ear wax. This is by far a much safer method than water irrigation or ear syringing, because we are only removing debris from the ear canal, so we cannot give you an infection.There are many ways in which people try to remove ear wax including DIY methods or Hopi candling but microsuction is by far the best and safest ear wax removal method. The reason for this is that microsuction is nothing like ear syringing and water irrigation. Unlike these methods, ear syringing and water irrigation, microsuction only uses a gentle suction to remove the unwanted ear wax. Nothing is introduced into the ear canal at all.

At 2020 Hearing Ltd’s ear wax removal clinic in Leeds, you will be asked a series of screening questions so that a decision to safely proceed can be made. We will then examine your ear canal, again to check that in our judgement it is safe to proceed. Then we will explain the equipment and the procedure to you, so that you are familiar and comfortable with what will happen. The procedure is quite quick and painless. You will hear the cool air rushing through the suction tip, and wax being sucked down the tube. Sometimes the air might whistle if there is a stubborn piece of wax. If at any time you find the sound uncomfortable we can take a break.After the procedure, we will show you the inside of your ear canal using a video otoscope, a special kind of microscope which sends the image of the ear canal to a screen.

At our ear wax removal clinic in Leeds, you will more often that not be advised to have  ear wax removal microsuction. This is because it is the safest, quickest, effective and most comfortable method of removing wax. Microsuction is conducted by a fully qualified and experienced hearing aid audiologist.

At 2020 Hearing Ltd in Leeds, we run microsuction ear wax removal clinics in Leeds throughout the week. Many patients are able to get same day appointments, but this is subject to availability. Evening and weekend appointments, including home visits are available. These are limited so please call 07941 061023 for more information.

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